January 2023 - New Scientific Discovery

Stanford scientists discover a shocking New Cause of belly fat, and it's not what you think

Are you struggling to lose weight no matter how much you diet or exercise? Turns out, it’s not your fault In 2023, after studying over 170 years of scientific data, a team of researchers from the Stanford University School of Medicine discovered just one common factor in overweight women and men –low inner body temperature . And the one thing common in the skinny people? Normal inner body temperature!Inner body temperature (also known as core body temperature) is not how hot or cold your skin feels, it’s the temperature of your internal organs and cells. And further clinical research from Switzerland has shown that inner body temperature plays a role on how your body metabolizes fat. When inner body temperature is normal, calorie burning is fast and effortless. When inner body temperature is low, your metabolism is slow . In fact for every drop in inner body temperature, your metabolism slows 13% or more! 


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